Hey you! Welcome to Travel Mermaid, my happy part of the internet devoted to all things travel. I am a London born, eternal expat and teacher who’s been unexpectedly globetrotting since 2009.


Although I knew I would live an expat life as an adult, I always expected to stay in one place. I guess inheriting the travel bug changed all that! Having ants in your pants does have its advantages though; I don’t suffer from possession anxiety and have perfected the ability to pack a holiday SWAG in just under 5 minutes. Go me!


Perhaps the most magical place I’ve lived so far- Port Douglas, Queensland.

I don’t aimlessly wander the globe but am lucky to live in different countries as a long term resident. My job keeps me in places for at least a year at a time and allows me to ‘travel deeper’.

Although, I am still searching for that special place to call home, it’s just taking a while. Or maybe it will never happen?! Who knows what the future holds. 

Biking the Mae Hong Son Loop, North-West Thailand

For the past 4 years, Asia Pacific has been my home. Since setting sail from Europe, I have: survived a cyclone in Queensland; found myself stuck in the ‘sex-capital’ of Thailand for 2 years ; and have been irreversibly transformed from a foodie to ‘food snob‘ since living in Melbourne. I guess, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger eh.

Trapezing in Koh Tao, Thailand

I love slowly exploring each new country and sharing my honest experiences with you guys. You probably won’t find blog posts here about ‘How to survive in Kuala Lumpur on 20p a day’ or ’10 things to do in Melbourne in 30 minutes’… but will find posts along the lines of this:

Why You Need To Put Port Douglas On Your Bucket List Immediately

10 Reasons Why Melbourne ‘IS’ Better Than Sydney!

A Year in Pattaya, Thailand : The City with Sunshine, Sea and Sex-pats

When I’m not working, you can find me here! – Koh Chang


Nyonya cuisine- Kebaya restaurant, in Penang- Malaysia

It’s also worth noting that…

I HAVE NOT been to 50+ countries and counting .. I’m a bit of a sucker for visiting places more than once! Don’t you like to return to your favourite places too?

I DO NOT write about ‘giving up my job to travel and here’s how you can too’. I teach, from 7am till 6pm.


I WILL NOT make Instagram posts with lame travel quotes, ‘Life is a book and those who do not travel, read only a page.’ (Okay, so maybe there’s ONE quote at the bottom of my website, but that is IT.)


Koala spotting in Cape Otway- Victoria, Australia

Whilst I started Travel Mermaid in 2015 as a fun hobby to document my travels, I’ve only got my teeth into the blog since moving to Melbourne last year. What can I say, all this teaching and travelling on my 16 weeks of school holidays leaves little time for writing! I know, poor me, I work very hard 😉 No really, I do!

Rainforest trekking- Mossman Gorge, Queensland

Over the course of my life as an expat, far away from home, I LOVE finding the beauty and humour in each new country I live. If I ever see myself struggling to adapt to new ways of life, its these two things that allow me to gain perspective.

I also believe in value for money travel. I left hostels behind in my 20’s. And you couldn’t get me on a Ryanair flight if you paid me! But anything else goes, as long as it’s worth the dollars 🙂

…thankfully Thailand had HEAPS of beauty and funny stuff! – Chiang Mai

Alongside the reviews, recommendations, low-downs and musings, I hope to inspire a few journeys, help a few expats and give an honest interpretation of living life in some unique destinations, as a teacher traveller.

Thanks for stopping by and remember, mi sitio web es su sitio web- read, comment and share away! 🙂

~ Travel Mermaid



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Some picture musings from Thailand!

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Mermaid fact!

The original Starbucks logo, from 1971-1987


The Starbucks logo depicting a twin-tailed mermaid has changed dramatically since the 1970’s! Back then, she was ‘too suggestive‘ with her wide open, twin tail.


According to the coffee chain, the image of the sea Siren was used to represent the seafaring history of coffee and the chain’s origin in Seattle, which has strong seaport roots. CEO, Howard Schultz, explains that the “bare breasted and Rubenesque, [mermaid] was supposed to be as seductive as the coffee itself.” (Yeah Howard, you ticked that box!)

Apparently, there were complaints about the mermaid’s breasts freely hanging out, but Starbucks continued to support its exotic temptress. That is until, the logo was put onto delivery trucks. Schultz explains, “The logo was huge, and so were the mermaid’s breasts.”